Thursday, September 4, 2014

Halloween Panel One Block Wonder Quilt Progress

 Okay, so in my mind, this experiment worked!  I am really pleased with these One Block Wonder blocks made from the Halloween panels I showed two posts back.
 As mentioned, I cut very carefully and did some fussy cutting as I went and it gave me a really interesting mix of blocks.
 Nothing is arranged yet.  I just stuck the pieces up on the design wall as I sewed along.

 I love how all the blue looks with the other traditional Halloween colours!
I am not sure yet what I will do as far as border or no border.  I do have a fabric that coordinates nicely -- we'll see!
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Posted by Riel Nason


Angie said...

Using Halloween panels (or any panels) for a one block wonder quilt is such a great idea! I'm a big fan of Halloween myself, so I'll be watching for some panels for my own OBW experiment. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kate said...

I think the results are delightful. You are giving me an idea.
Big problem with blogs...I get more ideas then I have time for.

jeifner said...

I like the ones with spinning limbs :)

Cindy Dahlgren said...

I am absolutely loving this One Block Wonder! Such a unique idea. Marden's sounds like a great store, too bad I live in North Dakota. Wouldn't save any money driving there from here! cdahlgren at live dot com

Tonya Ricucci said...

Wheee fun. I'm glad there are the white and blue blocks in there to break up the orange. my favorite is the blue sky with tentacles - awesome.