Monday, January 6, 2014

Vintage Twenty-Five Patch Quilt Inspiration

 It seems that every time I stay overnight at my parents' house, the quilt above ends up in my stack of bedding.  They have plenty of blankets and quilts, but this one always seems to end up with me.  It is old and quite worn.  It isn't a family quilt; I think Mom either bought it at a yard sale or auction.  But you know what, I really like it.
 I like the simplicity of the pattern.  I like the bold colours in the blocks. I like the wide sashing.
 So, over Christmas, when we were up at their place, I took these pictures as a guide so I could make my own version of it.  It really would be very simple to do.
 There are 20 blocks made of 25 pieces each.   Those blocks could easily be made using 2.5 inch strips.  Then the sashing is wide at 5 or 6 inches.  I'd maybe use 6 inches so the blocks are really set out.
 Anyway, I'm not making it today or anything, but it is on the to-do list now.
I looked at what I have for possible fabrics to use, and these Flea Market Fancy bits called out to me.  A few of these with lots of other mix and match fabrics as well.  We'll see ...
And I wanted to say a BIG THANKS here on the blog to Sandra Reford.  I know Sandra as she was the curator of the Tradition in Transition exhibit that my 2010 Selvage Sampler was selected for and  was shown in France.  So, knowing that I love and use selvages, Sandra sent me a wonderful large selvage package right before Christmas.  She had saved so many for me! I love them and have been playing with them.  If you'd like to see what Sandra's up to, her blog is here.
Posted by Riel Nason


Kim said...

I do love the colors in that quilt....can't quite see how it is quilted though. Sometimes simple is best:0)

Happy Sewing and enjoy those new salvages!

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Sandra said...

I just saw this post now...You're welcome! Heads up...I mailed you another bubble envelope of selvage edges last week!!