Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seasonal Selvage Sewing

 Okay, now for some secret seasonal selvage sewing (say THAT 10 times fast!) ... so I haven't been a stellar blogger lately but I have indeed been quilting.  These pictures today are about as good as it's going to get though ... here's the deal ...
As many of you know, I've made several Halloween selvage quilts in the past (The Selvage Mummy, Night of the Living Thread, etc) and I've finally decided I'm going to get every idea I have for quilts in this series out of my head for once and for all and finish them this year.  There will be 10 total including the one above which I finished quilting today.  I am not going to show the new ones until the whole series is done.  I am *bucket list* dreaming that I will be able to display them all as a single unit this Halloween ...
So, anyway, I will be working on lots of other fun things this year, but if you don't see me blogging for a while, I may be buried in Halloween selvage quilting.  (That or editing my next novel -- yes, there is going to be a next novel!  Exciting, but still a long way off until publication date. :-)  I'll keep you posted)  Cheers,  Riel
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elle said...

Hot colours for a very cold month! ;)

Regina said...

Congrats on both the novel and 10! quilt ideas. Happy working on all projects!