Monday, November 26, 2012

Tradition in Transition Exhibit

Photo courtesy of Sandra Reford.  Yes, that is my 2010 Selvage Sampler!
A while back I mentioned that I had a quilt in an exhibit in France.  Well, now the same exhibit, called "Tradition in Transition" is back in Canada and on display again. 
Sandra Reford, textile artist extraordinaire, is the curator of the exhibit and has a great post on her blog with the details of the current installation.  I am still not sure how it is my quilt sneaked in with the other real deal textile artists, but hey, it's there and I'm proud.  So, please surf on over to Sandra's post here for more details and pictures of all the other beautiful quilts.
Posted by Riel Nason


Vesuviusmama said...

So cool! And I know how it ended up there - your quilts are amazing!

Sandra said...

Your quilt is perfect for the show. I had a suggestion to write an explanation of why I selected each work for the exhibit and I might just do that!...In my spare time LOL. In short, your piece had the elements of a traditional sampler quilt with the addition of many contemporary features. It was, as all the pieces were, very well done technically. It was a big hit in France and again in Ontario! Congratulations!! I am thankful you agreed to have the quilt in the show.

Lynne said...

How exciting!

Brenda said...

So awesome. Congrats on both shows. Your talents never cease to amaze.
Cheers from Oshawa Ont.

Chris the Quilter said...


Scooquilt said...

Because you are the "real deal", of course! This is great. Congratulations!