Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm Back: Green Hexagons

 So who figured I couldn't really stay away?  Although I am working hard on the new novel, of course I am still doing a few little sewing/quilting things and wanted to report in.  Little, that is, like these hexies ...
(See the Grinch up there?  My daughter's favourite.)
 These are 3/4 inch hexies, slightly smaller than the 1 inch ones I've made before.
They are all done in green. I am using scraps and having fun doing some fussy cuts. There won't be any repeats. I may use these for a challenge project my guild has going for the quilt show this year, we'll see. If I don't use them for that, I'm sure I'll think of something.
In other news, I noticed that the blog now has over 500 followers -- very cool!  Welcome if you're new here.  I just post about whatever quilty thing I've got going (often with selvages involved), with occasional mentions of writing stuff/ things happening with my novel The Town That Drowned.  (Promo perhaps, but I figure if I can post about quilts I've created, then I can mention other creative projects of mine ... right?  :-)  Once in a while anyway ...) 
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SeeLifeMarvels said...

3/4 inch? Oh you must be crazy. :)

Kim said...

It is YOUR blog post whatever you want right? Love the tiny fun!

Happy Sewing

Rachel said...

Love the hexies!! I am a follower, but not through Google Connect, I use the full Google reader (on which you actually have 659 readers BTW!!) Woo-hoo LOL I will be quilting my little heart out on Sunday and thought it might be fun to have others join me so I am having a virtual quilt day on Sunday, April 15. If you're not too busy and want to sew, details are on my blog. No rules!! Sew anything you want, jsut a fun way to connect with other quilters!! LOL

Cheers and thanks for the great blog!!


PrettyMade said...

Green and hexies, you're my kind of quilter! :D
(I've done 1/4 inch. Nearly drove me insane. ;) Never again.)

Terri said...

We love your blog - just they way you write it.
Love the fussy cut green hexies! Can't wait to see what you do with them. (As soon as I saw them I thought of a raimbow of colored hexies... maybe in a rainbow shape.

liniecat said...


Brenda said...

I love hexies...bought a large plexi-template and everything...BUT 3/4" SORRY - I'd go blind, or permanently cross-eyed!!
Green is my favorite colour though; on an up-note. LOL.
Best of luck and you might want to make an appt. with your Ophthalmologist when your done.

Live a Colorful Life said...

These are just so cute. I love hexies. In any size.

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop said...