Monday, August 15, 2011

Day Out With Thomas

 We were actually away the last four days.  We went to see Thomas the Train in Maine.  We went to a Day Out With Thomas event in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  We've gone several times before and it is a fun, magical event.  
 Parents of toddlers may have seen these events advertised on the Thomas videos.  The "real" full-size Thomas travels around to different railways in the US and Canada to take people for rides.  (See his driver in the photo above).  We went on a 25 minute ride on Thomas and then there are all kinds of other things to do too -- a barrel train ride, bouncy castle, children's entertainment, Sir Topham Hatt is there, hay maze, craft station, old car display, hay ride, etc., etc. 
 Here's Thomas pulling through the station.
 With passenger cars.
 We were very fortunate to sit in the caboose this time.  See that little raised part on top with the windows?  That's where my kids sat -- way up on a tall bench.  Big thrill!
 Another day we went to Lands End on Baileys Island.  And of course back-to-school shopping in Freeport. 
Here's what I was working on as we drove.  I got the binding all on the Love-Serendipity-Family quilt.  It's for the quilt show in September so I'll show the whole completed thing sometime after that.
Also, when I posted the selvage squares I am making I got several comments asking about a tutorial and some tips on sewing selvages in general.  Soooo, I'll post a tutorial soon. 
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Kristie said...

We did the Thomas ride a few years back with our kids- it was a hit!

Annaliese said...

Howfun! My nephew is tad bit obcessed with Thomas, too! That must have been so cool for them to see him in 'real lfe' :)

Lindsay Conner said...

Oh my gosh--how cute is that?!

Teje said...

Hi Riel! You must have had fun during your trip! Love to see how your bright red quilt is going to be and thank you for making tuto and tips for the selvages!
xxx Teje

Suzanne said...

That looks like a magical experience!

Shannon said...

I have a few sewing with selvage questions I've been pondering. I'm very excited for you to write a tutorial. I'm in love with your mummy!

Lynne said...

Thomas seems to be popular the world over!

Sounds like the whole family had a great time away.

mainer said...

Didn't know they had that attraction but Land's End sure brings back memories. Glad you are having fun.

Sandra said...

Hi Riel,
When you take a quilt top through the border, do you register it at Canadian customs so that they don't assume you purchased/received/or acquired it whilst you were in the US and charge you duty on it?

Tina said...

Magical is right! When my son was 4 or 5 we went on a ride with Thomas in Newport, Rhode Island. He loved trains as a little guy. That was almost 10 years ago. Who told them they could grow up?