Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marco Polo Quilt Guild Show Virtual Tour Part 3 of 3

Welcome Back! Here are the last of my pictures from the Marco Polo Quilt Guild Show held last week in Saint John, NB. There were many, many more fabulous quilts and smaller pieces that I didn't photograph, but hopefully these have given you an idea of what the show was like.

Above is Celtic Wedding Quilt by Sandra Reeves.
This is Line Dance by Cathy Kennedy.
This is Carol's Delight by Carol Lee.

Cabin Fever by Alma Robichaud.

Twilight Kaleidoscope by Carol Ann Barton.

This was SO cool and really inspired me. It won for Quilted Articles and is called Is This My Home? by Sandra Betts. The photo doesn't do it justice.

And another piece that the photo doesn't do it justice is this NB Coat of Arms by Judith LeClue. It won first place for Medium Traditional and won the Machine Quilting award. It was so regal and stunning and you can easily see why it won for machine quilting.

And a final photo of some of the smaller pieces. Thanks for joining me on my tour.


Stray Stitches said...

Thanks for the final tour! There were definitely some awe inspiring pieces.

Das Quiltmonster said...

WOW, what a wonderful exhibition!! Thanks for showing the quilts!!

Jackie said...

Love the pics, thanks for posting!