Saturday, May 28, 2011

Green Gables

 No quilts this time, but I thought you might enjoy some pictures of the Green Gables House in PEI.  It is a part of Lucy Maud Montgomery's Cavendish National Historic Site.  We visited there on Thursday.  My husband had to go to PEI for a conference so we tagged along.
 There are my kids about to go in the house.  This was right before I rushed up and explained the "house rules." We were fortunate to be there quite early in the day and it was early in the season so there was hardly anyone around.
Lucy Maud Montgomery is one of my favourite novelists and certainly my favourite non-living writer.  My favourite book of hers is The Blue Castle.  I read the Emily series of her books as a child, but all the others including Anne of Green Gables as a adult.
 When you enter, you come to the large barn first.
 This is a side view.
 There are beautiful grounds.  This is the front lawn.
 This is more of the front lawn and a golf course in the distance.  Those trees along the golf course are the Haunted Wood.
 Doesn't this look inviting?
 Or this? 
 It is a large house with several bedrooms. 
 The ironing board is in the corner of the kitchen.
 And I could most certainly sit here and happily sew.  This is upstairs looking out onto the back yard.
I read recently that when William and Kate come to Canada for their Royal Visit in July they are going to Green Gables as Anne of Green Gables was Kate's favourite book as a child.  The impact of that one book, Lucy Maud's debut novel, written in 1908, is absolutely astonishing.  When you are on the Island you can see that even today, it is at the core of the Island's tourism. 
 And even beyond Cavendish, PEI is beautiful.  I took a pile of photos.
Look at the gorgeous yellow!
Some quilty stuff to come next time.  Thanks for stopping by!


byneedleandthread said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm in PEI now visiting my parents at and helping with their B&B in Tignish. I have yet to visit Green Gables, but I want to!

Crunchy Diva said...

that is so great you were able to see Green Gables. i've read the book many times myself.

Terri said...

Thanks for the tour! I'm sharing this with my daughter - the 38 year old will love it. She read the whole series as a youth. She will love to see the inspiration.

Canadian Kristin said...

My husband and I visited when we were in NS and PEI 4 years ago. It was so overwhelming to me, to be in the heart of where Anne was formed from that I couldn't go in... I didn't want someone else's perception to ruin my own fond memories of the books. Isn't that funny?! I am currently reading a book on Lucy Maude Montgomery. She was a gem, a thinker and a dreamer, that's for sure! Love reading about her!

Teje said...

Thank you Riel for a lovely trip! I could very happily live in that place!
xxx Teje

Irina said...

wow! thanks for sharing this! it's the first time I see it and I wish I can go and visit it personally one day

Kristie said...

I was there several years back and loved it. A Canadian classic!

Sandra said...

We love PEI, we have our favorite beach up on the eastern shore!!
Did you go fabric shopping whilst you were there; there is an awesome fabric shop in O'Leary, up past Summerside going west. They have hundreds of bolts and lots of quilts for sale.

Lynne said...

I read the Anne series as an adult (when my DD was reading them as a child) and am currently about halfway through "Emily of New Moon" for the first time!

LynCC said...

I have adored "Anne with an e" for decades. :D Can you imagine if this was a B&B? wow. :D

Cass said...

Thanks for the tour! I love Anne. It was my favourite set of books as a child and it still holds a special place in my heart as an adult.

Domestic Artisan said...

Oh my goodness...than you so much for posting this! I have always wnated to come visit PEI. I found you via the SMS giveaway day and am finally reading all the great blogs I found...including yours. I adore AOGG and LMM. I was introduced to Anne by my year 7 teacher and have reread her each year since. I love the whole series and Emily also. I actually named my daughter Marilla, Rilla for short : )
Thanks again!

Vesuviusmama said...

Thanks for sharing those! I loved those books as a child and listened to it again last summer. One day, I want to visit PEI too.

Barb said...

Blue Castle is my favourite too!! I have all her books and read them still. The Anne series at least every two years. Blue Castle gets read whenever I am sick. I must have read it 20 times over the the last 25 years.
Thanks for sharing your trip to Green Gables.

~Michelle~ said...

PEI is on my list of places to visit one day. I never read the Anne books until this past Christmas - shame on me, I plowed through them all, so wonderful!

Rose said...

Oh, wow, how I would love living here....I need to check out her books.

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing! This is on my list of places to visit one day. How fun would it be to have a sleepover in the Green Gables House?!