Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fabulous Four Birthday Quilt Finished

This is the birthday quilt I made for my daughter's upcoming fourth birthday. The big day isn't until May 22, but for the next month our family calendar is full of both lots of fun stuff and some writing-related deadlines for me, so I wanted to get it done early.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out. It is just a super simple strip quilt, but I think the fabrics really work together so well.

The two feature fabrics are the "Fabulous, Fantastic ... Four" fabric and one called "When I Grow Up" with lots of little girls dressed up.
I quilted it in both straight and wavy lines. I used pink, yellow and turquoise thread in a random order. I just changed the thread whenever I felt like it. (I kept the same pink in the bobbin the whole time for the back)
The backing is the "Fabulous Four" fabric and the binding is the zig zag stripe.

I have lots of fabric left and I'm planning to make a matching pillowcase and maybe even a little pillowcase dress for her.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Easter!


Rachel said...

So cute! Love the spring colours!

Jackie said...

What a perfect quilt to commemorate your daughters 4th birthday!

Kris said...

Riel - What a DARLING quilt!! Your daughter will love it and I am sure treasure it for years to come!! Kris

mainer said...

Wonderful! She will love it forever.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Riel! That quilt is just so pretty!!! Your little girl is going to just be so proud of her quilt!!!
Happy Easter to you and your family! Sandy. :)

Canadian Kristin said...

So lovely and so perfectly "4"! I really love the colours and that you chose to strip piece it together. So cute, she is going to love it!!!

Mary Jo said...

This is adorable! It came out so nice! I bet your daughter will love it.

Happy Easter!

Rachel said...

Love it!! The fabrics really do work very well together. I am sure she will love it.


Alexis said...

Looks great! 4 is such a fabulous age. Congrats on the early quilt finish!

me ann my camera said...

And I have lots of fabulous five! fabric left over , so you can start making plans for what you'll sew for her next year! Happy Easter!
Gram Blue Chickadee

Andria said...

That is gorgeous and inspiring! I have fabric just sitting and waiting to be made into a quilt and I couldn't decide what to do. Thanks!