Wednesday, September 22, 2010

KVQG Quilt Show Virtual Tour: Part 5 of 5: 2010 Selvage Sampler

For my last tour stop at the KVQG show, I am posting again about my 2010 Selvage Sampler. Forgive me, but I did want to show close-up photos of the blocks in case anyone wants to try making some that are similar. (If you do, email me, I would love to see them!) As well, I wanted to share my Quilter's Statement and my judging results.
So first the statement: "I am new to quilting but I think I'm already addicted. This quilt was inspired by both the traditional idea that a beginner quilter make a sampler, and the modern trend to use fabric selvages in sewing projects.
I also wanted to make a unique and personalised memory quilt to celebrate the start of my quilting adventure. The selvages are all from fabrics which I used (or plan to use) in other quilts this year. The fussy cuts in the quilt represent my family members and some of our interests.
This quilt is my own design and is free-pieced without a pattern. It was a lot of fun to make and I can't wait to gather more selvages to try another quilt. Thank you so much to Tina Hanson of Town and Country Quilts for the wonderful job she did machine quilting it."
Now, for some of the details. In the 2010 section I used only the pieces of selvage that had the numbered colour windows on them. The little blocks making up the numbers are 3 inches square. Some of these little blocks only have 2 selvages on them, but some have as many as 4. I like the look of all the little numbers making up the big numbers.

This is the square representing my husband. The head is cut from a Mer-Man I found on a fabric called Mermania by Blank Quilting. I used blue and green selvages primarily here to keep his block masculine.

A crow is featured in this block because we enjoy feeding the crows at our house. Crows are so smart. In the mornings I throw them the toast crusts that the kids don't eat. I yell "Breakfast Crows!" and even if they are down the street they fly over to our yard as soon as they hear me.
I really like the look of the triangle log cabin block. And it was very easy to make!

A butterfly block represents the love of nature that we share with my parents. Some of the selvages on this block say "Butterflies" and "Nest." There are also the "seedlings" from the Flea Market Fancy line in there, spiderwebs, bird tracks, leaves, as well as Woodgrain by Joel Dewberry.

This is my son's block. He plays T-ball so he picked out the little ball player to represent himself. The outside of this square has robots on it for him too.

A heart.

The central scissors here are from the MoMo Wonderland line. The selvage right above the scissors says "Patchwork Fever." Guess who has Patchwork Fever? Hee, hee.

Our provincial flag. The flag of New Brunswick. The selvage above it says "In Love With" as we are proud New Brunswickers. Maybe I should have saved that selvage for my husband's square, but I didn't think of it until too late. Believe me, the selvages were flying around here as I was making this quilt, and they were hard to all keep track of.

My daughter's square. She is peeking out the window of the house. I think this was the trickiest square to make as it has seams that are both sewn together regular as well as those that are overlapped and top-stitched.

I am represented in the triangle here.

An owl fussy cut. Probably the biggest fabric trend of 2010 was owls, I would say. Plus we like birds. The star was really easy to make. If I made a selvage star block again I would make it bigger to use lots of selvages on each point rather than just one.

A simple zig-zag square.

An all-Halloween string block. I made two Halloween quilts this year and had lots of Halloween fabric.
Then the butterfly. Not the hardest block, but I did tweak it over and over to get a decent shape.

A simple selvage rail fence block done by colour.

My name is here. (Read down from the top in two columns). This is placed at the end of the 2010 section.

The background fabric is "Rock Star Hero" by Henry Glass. Wow it is bright and awesome "in person!" The quilt is 67 by 92 inches, so twin-sized.
It took me about a month and a half or maybe two months to make, just working on it here and there.
It was quilted by long-arm with invisible thread (polyester). Tina Hanson, the owner of my local quilt shop, quilted it for me. She hadn't tried invisible thread before. I really wanted invisible though, because the quilt already had so much going on, I didn't want thread lines making everything busier.

Tina was more than willing to try the invisible thread and did some practice sewing on scrap fabric first to be sure it was okay. It seemed all good, but then on the actual quilt it was only about 95% good. As I was sewing on the binding I noticed the thread had caused her machine to skip in several places. And not just little skips, but a few were about 3/4 inch of missed stitches. Anyway, she was great at fixing it up no charge and you can't tell any difference now. We were laughing that she certainly will not be suggesting the invisible thread to her customers in the future.
And, finally, my judges results from the show. My design, colour, general presentation, top assembly, and quilting all received "Good." My finishing received "Excellent." My comments "Design is fascinating. Colour is vibrant. Amazing. Quilter should be proud."
So anyway, this was such a fun quilt to make and I was happy to have the goal of the show to motivate me to get it done! It was really nice to see it hanging in public and my kids were excited to see it at the show. I'm definitely going to enter something next year and I'm likely joining the local quilters' guild too.
The KVQG show had about 300 entries and was attended by over 2500 people.
Happy Quilting!


Lesly said...

I totally agree - you should be proud! That quilt is so amazing, and it's just terrific that so much of "you" went into it. thanks for pointing out all the detail!

Shelley said...

Riel, the amount of piecing involved in this quilt and that the fact that you designed it needs to be recognized. Kudos to you on these points. My friends who attended the show and took pictures of your quilt(I didn't tell them about you but they noticed your quilt!) thought it was amazing all the little details in the blocks. I think this quilt show be entered in the CQA quilt show in Halifax next year. Enter it in every show you can because I still think it's ribbon worthy!

Sandra said...

Riel, your quilt is certainly ribbon worthy. Can't believe I looked at this quilt and still missed some of those details. I am sure any guild would be more than happy to have you as a member.
Great work, you should be proud to show it.

HollyM said...

That is an amazing quilt! I would never have the patience for all those small bits. It is very striking; I love the color and the unique designs.
would you mind telling me where you get the copyright from for you r blog?

Riel said...

Thanks so much! :-)

Rachel said...

Wow, congratulations, Riel! It's so great that you entered your quilt in a show. You really should be proud of your work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Riel.... I was actually talking to you a couple of times at the show and you are right to be very proud... I cannot believe you are a newbie!! Please do join us at our next meeting at the Civic Center in Quispamsis at 7 pm.. on Oct. 12....


Mary said...

"Quilter should be proud" got it right there! This was fascinating seeing all the details. When I think what my first quilt...or many early quilts looked like, I am just amazed that you are so talented!

Rose said...

I have really enjoyed the close-up pictures of this quilt. It is a beauty, for sure.

Quilter Kathy said...

WoW! This is an amazing quilt! Love all the detail shots of the blocks! You should enter this in the CQA show!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Wow - amazing quilt!! New to quilting? I don't think so!! Very creative!

Patty said...

I love this selvage quilt, it is amazing. I wish I could have seen it in person.

Jen said...

Wow! "Quilter should be proud" is such an understatement! I can't believe a new quilter could have so many selvages! LOL. I really can't believe you didn't get a ribbon. That must have been some quilt show! I would enter it into another quilt show also. Shop it around a bit!

Tina said...

That is fabulous! The variety of string blocks is inspirational! And the orange can't be beat.

Melinda said...

I love selvage quilts and this is one of the best ones I have ever seen. You did such a wonderful job on it.

The Cozy Quilter said...

I am hooked on selvages too... Your selvage sampler is wonderful--full of your own personal touches! These quilts are full of memories of fabrics we used at one time for other projects. My selvage quilt has a selvage from the dress I wore on my honeymoon 21 years ago.

simplestitches said...

your quilt is amazing! what a wonderful job both you and your machine quilter have done on should be very proud. Love how your have incorporated some of your "life" into the quilt too.
thank you for sharing such a lovely and very different example of a sampler quilt.
cheers Julz

Millie said...

This is awesome. I love it. What terrific ideas. I love how you took a selvage quilt and made it into something really unique!

Bridget said...

While reading about your quilt, I realized that I was wearing a little smile on my face.

Thanks for making the beginning of my day most excellent by allowing me to see your most innovative quilt!

Brenda said...

very fun. I'm visiting from the Selvage blog.

val said...

From one Selvedge Addict to another ..... I am soooooo impressed and sooooooo inspired by this amazing and beautiful quilt. My jaw was dropping with each block you showed, absolutely gorgeous.
I have only made bags up to now with Selvedges but I am on a mission now to try out your inspirations.
THANK YOU! for sharing so much.
Have a lovely day!
Val xx Oxfordshire UK

val said...

From one Selvedge Addict to another ..... I am soooooo impressed and sooooooo inspired by this amazing and beautiful quilt. My jaw was dropping with each block you showed, absolutely gorgeous.
I have only made bags up to now with Selvedges but I am on a mission now to try out your inspirations.
THANK YOU! for sharing so much.
Have a lovely day!
Val xx Oxfordshire UK

Jill said...

Love it! Your quilt is amazing! I also selvage quilt and have been featured on the Selvage blog many times. I am inspired by what you have made, and your newest follower!

Jenny said...

Wow - that certainly describes your amazing quilt. Congratulations, and congrats again for being featured in the Selvage Blog! For a new quilter, you are doing wonderfully well and are sure to be "going places".
Quilty wishes from Jenny in New Zealand.

Riel said...

Thanks so so much everyone. This was fun to make and it so fun now to receive all these awesome comments!

CarmiƱa said...

Congratulations for this beautiful selvage quilt.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is fabulous!! I have made several items (quilt, totes, hot pads, sewing bags with selvages and love it!! It is addicting, so watch out, they will sneak in most quilts someplace. I also use them around the labels on the back too. You should be VERY proud of your work. I hope you have a tutorial for your butterfly block. I love it. Dar in MO

Sara said...

This quilt is out of this world! I am just in awe of your talent, Riel.

Kathy said...

Fantastic Selvage Quilt. Love the creativity.