Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hanging at the Quilt Show

I'll warn you now, this is the first post of many, over the next week or so, about the KVQG show. I went this afternoon for a quick look around with my family, and will be going back solo, camera in hand, tonight.
I did manage to get a couple of pics this afternoon.
See the disco ball?! Could it be mere coincidence that my selvage quilt is near the disco ball??? I think not.
Me, the rule breaker. See, I am touching a quilt!!!! (Actually I'm only hovering my fingers ever so near it without touching. Everyone who enters the show is given a glove to wear should they want to touch anything, but I don't have mine on here.)
My parents were with us this afternoon so I finally got a pic of me with a quilt. (Thanks Mom!).
I didn't win anything. My son was saying I probably came in 28th place. LOL! I don't know how he figured that, but it was his conclusion anyway.
I'll take pictures of the prize winners with their complete info so I can show them here in another post. (I asked the quilt guild president if it was okay -- to both take the pictures and blog about them.)
Anyway, it is a very nice and inspiring show.


Shelley said...

Wow Riel, it looks great hanging there with you beside it! I love it! Thinking of going to the show on Sat. A friend of mine has a quilt entered there also so we would have to stay until pick up time and it would be a long day!

Rosa Robichaud said...

Your picture spells "pride" to me!!!

I just LOVE your beautiful and BRIGHT quilt!!!!

We're going Saturday!!!!


Anonymous said...

We're driving 2+ hours to see your quilt!!
It's very inspiring what you did with (literally) scraps; can't wait to see it.

Linda H said...

I loved your selvage quilt Riel! So bright and happy! Also the T quilt for your daughter - oh and yes the Princess/Castle quilt too. You're doing a great job!! You should be proud!

Mary said...

Wonderful! We're all smiling with you! What a great quilt and the thrill of seeing it in a show...priceless! One thing I like in our local show, is that there is no judging...just prizes for the "viewer's favorite" in each catagory. Laughing about the not touching :-) I'm going to the big quilt show in Des Moines, Iowa the first week in October...can't wait to see the great quilts there!

Riel said...

Thanks SO much ladies! This whole show experience has really been a lot of fun.