Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scrappy Squares

So I think my sewing machine caught wind of the rumour that it was going to be replaced, and decided to act a bit more cooperatively to extend its stay here. With only minimal tweaking and annoyance, I was able to use it to make these scrappy blocks.
They were a lot of fun. I used a little from the scrap drawer, a little from the fabric stash, but no new fabric. Per usual, I had to add a fussy cut, but beyond that, there has been minimal thinking or planning involved.
The blocks are 12.5 inches square. I see several (perhaps even several dozen) more of these in my future, should the sewing go smoothly without frustration. (Did you hear that sewing machine?!)
I have lots more chain pieced little border bits ready.
Happy Quilting!


Katrina said...

I love the colors!

Clare said...

Me too.

lulubloom said...

I really like these blocks! And I think I might want to use them for one of the bees I'm in ('the fussy cut bee'). The center square is just perfect for showcasing a fussy cut piece (I anticipate using my Nest fabric). Does this block have a name? Did you follow a pattern or make it up as you went along? I'd like to do the same sizes blocks as you have here.

Anyway, great blocks. They are very inspiring! :)

Riel said...

Thanks! Lucia, I emailed you ... I think I'll post the info on block measurements sometime soon. I just made them up as I went along, but I did use standard measurements ...

Mary said...

You have so many wild and wonderful fabrics and aren't afraid to mix the colors all up...great! I like all the choices you had for the fussy cuts. This is a neat square.

CarmiƱa said...

Your scrappy squares look beautiful with a lot of color.
Thanks for share.