Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nice and Simple: Front and Back

The front all sewn together. I see two squares I would like to change the places of, but so be it.
And the back.
A close-up of the back. Love those fabrics!
My search for glow-in-the-dark thread for quilting continues ... although I will say I am tempted to use a really bright orange instead. I can't decide ... but I guess I still have a few months ...


Wendy said...

Nice. I really love Halloween! I like the old-time Halloween fabric you're using.

Mary said...

Lovely...I think that there are always "2 squares" that end up in the wrong place in quilts like this. I have two in my 9-patch that just glare at me, but it is too late to swap them now! As you say...so be it! I will never be a perfectionist.