Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun or Fabulous Fabric Friday #1

I love getting fabric made by two different manufacturers, from two completely different sources, at two different times ... and then later realising they are a wonderful match! Although the colours in the photo above may not accurately tell the tale, that is what happened with these fabrics. I bought the Michael Miller Groovy Guitar online thinking I could work it into a quilt for my nephews because my brother is a great guitar player. I bought the dots which are Funky Flowers by Linda Lum DeBono for Henry Glass a month or two later at a store, just because they were great looking dots. Then, fast forward to a scene of me rearranging things in my fabric storage drawers and ... ta,da! I am still not sure exactly what quilt these will end up in, but I think they should probably be permanently stitched together.

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wishes, true and kind said...

Oh, I love it when that happens too.