Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Fabric Told Me To. Really.

I had some of this beautiful fabric by Sweetwater for Moda called Make Life ... some of the printed words say Make Life Creative, Make Life Colorful, Make Life Fun, Make Life Beautiful and, best of all, Make Life Simple. So you see, it was really a message telling me to make something, right?
Okay. Now ...
Creative: Check. No pattern.

Colorful: Check. Red, Yellow, Blue. The gorgeous primary colours.

Fun: Check. I like sewing stuff. A LOT I have realised.

Beautiful: Check. It all looks great together.

Simple: Check. This is my first charm pack purchase and project and yes, I now totally understand why so many people enjoy charm packs. Although I love the challenge of picking my own mix and match fabrics, this was a nice change, and I was really drawn to this collection.

This is a table runner for our dining table. The colours are great with the room. I love fabric with words anyway, but this has an especially great message to read each morning ... an inspiring reminder.

This didn't use the whole charm pack either. I believe it was just over half, 22 squares. I also had the "words" fabric in yardage, because it is my favourite. I used the brightest charm squares as I really like colour. As you can see, I went for a very simple layout and I am pleased with it. I think I will likely make another one (or two) when it comes time to make Christmas gifts. (No, not for you, Mom, don't worry I'm not ruining any surprises.)

I also discovered a new binding go-to fabric. The scale of the words are PERFECT for binding. I love how a little tiny message goes around the whole outside! I am buying more yardage of this to keep for future bindings. It is such a cool little surprise for the edging on any project.

Okay, now one final blooper reel/out take. Look at this picture. I mean look at those avocados. I was trying out different things on the runner for the photos, but these had to be the worst thing I tried. They remind me of giant animal droppings. There I said it. Oh well, please come back and visit the blog again anyway. And in the meantime, how about Make Life Quilty? If there is ever a reprint of this fabric, that should go in the suggestion box. ;-)


Jackie said...

Love all the realizations that you were able to encounter during your project. It really is sweet and yes, the salt and pepper shakers really work better than the avocados!

Barbara said...

That would make just a totally outrageous gift for a friend ! Too cute beyond words ( no pun intended LOL )

Vesuviusmama said...

Yup, those avocados do look like droppings! Lovely table runner. I'm making my first (well, actually, my third, but one and two didn't turn out so good...) and am enjoying working on a small project.

Mary said...

I would say that you followed the directions beautifully and created something "creative, colorful, fun and beautiful and simple!" Love it! Charm packs are really great.