Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Hallowe--Ooops, I Mean Easter!

First off, here's my admittedly slightly disturbing looking binding-and-bobbin Easter Bunny. He seemed like a good idea to make and use up a whole two minutes of my day, but oh well. Hope no one has nightmares. His head is the multi-coloured binding I made for the Eli's Log Castle Quilt and his body is the first Halloween I Spy Quilt binding. I am really far ahead making the Halloween binding as I only have nine squares done for the whole quilt so far, but I figured once the binding was made I could use the leftover fabric from it for some of the squares. It is a really bright orange, yellow, and black stripe, which is perfect.

Secondly, here are a few more of the aforementioned Halloween blocks. More fussy cutting fun.
Hope everyone has a wonderful long Easter weekend!


me ann my camera said...

It looks like a good idea of a April Fool's bunny! Very nice!
Gram Blue Chickadee

Desi said...

I like the bunny :) cute And I love love the binding? Do you remember where you got it or what it is called etc? I would love to get a hold o fsome if possible!

Mary said...

I think he is cute! Bunnies can have fun and burst out in color for spring :-)

Riel said...

Hi Desi, Thanks for the visit. The binding fabric is called "The Dotted line" by Lakehouse. I buy most of my fabric at a liquidation store, as I did this one, so it may be from several years ago as a lot of what they have is. Hope this helps!