Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Random Railfence Halloween Style Quilt Finished!

 Finished just in time for Halloween, here is my latest Random Railfence quilt done with Halloween fabric scraps -- and a little spooktacular variation  (see the Jack O'Lantern square?)  A tutorial to make the blocks like these is here.
 I started this summer making the squares.  I only used orange, black and white Halloween fabrics even though I had other colours I could have used as well.  I liked sticking to the three traditional colours.
The Jack O'Lantern square was free-pieced and then trimmed back to 12.5 inches square, the same as the other blocks.
There is Halloween fabric on the back too.
Happy Halloween!
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Jack Sew Lantern: A Halloween Selvage Quilt!

Introducing Jack Sew Lantern!  I made this quilt earlier this year for my exhibit "A 1/4 Inch Scream" (Canada Games Gallery, Saint John Arts Centre, Sept. 12 - Oct. 31, 21014)  and am happy I can finally show it on the blog today!  It is my virtual exhibit in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival!
 It is made with selvages and Halloween fabrics.
 His stem is a spool and his eyebrows and mouth are meant to look stitched on.
 Selvage letters.
Happy Halloween and Happy Stitching!  To see more Bloggers' Quilt Festival Quilts, just click here.
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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Making of Quiltergeist

So I mentioned last post that I'd give a few more details about my Quiltergeist art quilt.  I did take photos as I went along making him, but of course I didn't post them here as I was keeping the quilt a secret until the exhibit.  But I thought I'd show them now.
The quilt is free-pieced which is my usual method.  I make large selvage sections first then shape them by trimming.  The selvage sections are pieced in to the background (not sewn on top).  The flying nine-patches are also pieced.  I keep adding and sewing pieces together until everything is in the right place and the whole thing is large enough.  This takes a while, believe me. 
This is the pile of fabric I picked from my stash to use for borders.  I think most of it ended up in the finished piece.
This was an early attempt to get the shape of his eyes and mouth right.
 The scissors and spools of thread are added here.  They are appliqued on.
 I don't draw out my letters ahead of time.  I just shape them as I go.  But I do use painter's tape to keep my line straight.
 Word looks good.
 Inner border sewn on.
And, finally almost done!
I quilted it using my regular old presser foot same as always.  It took a while same as always.  But I love how it turned out.
And as I'm sure you know if you've read the blog for a while, I love Halloween.  I've been posting a picture a day of my many past Halloween sewing projects on my Facebook page and will do so for the rest of the month. If you're interested, click here to Like the page and follow along on Facebook!
Cheers!  Riel Nason

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Quiltergeist by Riel Nason 2014.  Part of the Exhibit "A 1/4 Inch Scream" on until October 31 at the Saint John Arts Centre, Saint John, NB, Canada.
A quick look at this guy today -- one of the 7 new quilts I made for my exhibit that I've never shown on the blog before.  More pictures and details next post.
I am really proud of how this turned out!  I love the look on his face and how he is throwing things around the sewing room! He is a great friend for the selvage mummy and selvage skeleton.
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

A 1/4 Inch Scream: Saint John Arts Centre Until Halloween!

 Just a quick post today to say that my debut solo exhibit is still open and on until Halloween (October 31).  It is hanging in the Canada Games Gallery of the Saint John Arts Centre.  Open Tuesday until Saturday in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.  SJAC website is here. Admission is free.
If you do stop by, please sign my guest book.  The exhibit called A 1/4 Inch Scream is made of 10 selvage quilts.  After the exhibit closes I'll show them here on the blog.  There are 6 I've never shown here before.
And, just for fun, here's a picture from opening night.  The kids were trying to scream and look scary.  It was one of those nights that too much excitement meant a ton of bad pictures. :-)
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kennebecasis Valley Quilting Ghouls

This is the other little quilt I had entered in our guild show held a couple of weeks ago.  It is a Halloween version of our guild's logo.  I changed it so the G stands for "Ghouls" instead of "Guild" :-)
 It is done with selvages from Halloween fabrics and also has a lot of embellishments.  I rarely ever use anything as an embellishment on pieces I sew so this time it was fun to go all out.  The letters are buttons. There are also stars, bats and a witch that are buttons.  The little plastic ants aren't buttons but were easy to sew on. 
It's a little crazy looking, but silly fun for Halloween.
Some of you may remember my selvage guild nametag I made.  You can see how my little Halloween wallhanging is similar.

And the little pin in the corner is what the logo actually looks like.
Happy Quilting! Posted by Riel Nason

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Just A Few Pictures from the KVQG Show

 Our local guild show was last week.  Lots of pretty quilts.  I only took a few pics, but here is a teeny taste of what was there.  Above is a Queen-sized quilt made of mini nine-patches.  I think the nine patches finished at 3 inches (!).  They were made of batiks.  The quilt is by Sandra Durelle.
This is by Jodi Stringer-Webb. 

This is by Juliet Nowlan.

 This is by Heather Brideau.  It is made from Carolyn Freidlander's Architexture's line.
 This piece was awesome.  It won a Judge's choice as well as People's Choice for a small quilt.  It was all done with Pigma pens and beautiful quilting by Judith LeClue.
And you might recognise this old thing by me.  I also entered a little Halloween-themed quilt which I'll show another time when I get a good pic.  Bye for now.
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Lego Sewing Machine - Again

I had to make another one of these little sewing machines.  My kids got several bags of new-to-us Lego at a flea market this summer and my daughter asked for me to make this.   (Several weeks ago)  I posted the pic on Facebook but thought I'd share it here too.  And this time I'm going to keep this one put together -- or at least for a while anyway.
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Halloween Panel One Block Wonder Quilt Progress

 Okay, so in my mind, this experiment worked!  I am really pleased with these One Block Wonder blocks made from the Halloween panels I showed two posts back.
 As mentioned, I cut very carefully and did some fussy cutting as I went and it gave me a really interesting mix of blocks.
 Nothing is arranged yet.  I just stuck the pieces up on the design wall as I sewed along.

 I love how all the blue looks with the other traditional Halloween colours!
I am not sure yet what I will do as far as border or no border.  I do have a fabric that coordinates nicely -- we'll see!
I'm linking up with The Needle and Thread Network.
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