Monday, September 8, 2014

Lego Sewing Machine - Again

I had to make another one of these little sewing machines.  My kids got several bags of new-to-us Lego at a flea market this summer and my daughter asked for me to make this.   (Several weeks ago)  I posted the pic on Facebook but thought I'd share it here too.  And this time I'm going to keep this one put together -- or at least for a while anyway.
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Halloween Panel One Block Wonder Quilt Progress

 Okay, so in my mind, this experiment worked!  I am really pleased with these One Block Wonder blocks made from the Halloween panels I showed two posts back.
 As mentioned, I cut very carefully and did some fussy cutting as I went and it gave me a really interesting mix of blocks.
 Nothing is arranged yet.  I just stuck the pieces up on the design wall as I sewed along.

 I love how all the blue looks with the other traditional Halloween colours!
I am not sure yet what I will do as far as border or no border.  I do have a fabric that coordinates nicely -- we'll see!
I'm linking up with The Needle and Thread Network.
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Details on my Exhibit: A 1/4 Inch Scream

About my upcoming exhibit ...
Riel Nason's debut textile art exhibit entitled "A 1/4 Inch Scream" will be displayed in the Canada Games Gallery at the Saint John Arts Centre (20 Peel Plaza, Saint John, NB) from Friday, September 12, 2014 until Friday, October 31, 2014. 
Everyone is welcome to come to the free opening reception for all exhibits on Friday, September 12 from 5:30-7:30pm.  (Snacks, mingling, see the art, and hear the 5 artists who are showing in each of the 5 galleries say Hi and talk a wee bit about their work).  Or, if you can't make the opening, please stop by any time the Saint John Arts Centre is open.  Admission is free.
About the Exhibit: Halloween, horror -- and quilting?  A 1/4 Inch Scream is a lighthearted look at the sometimes scary enthusiasm that quilters have for their craft.  Works are free-pieced combining elements of both traditional and modern quilting.  Hundreds of pieces of recycled selvages cut from quilting cottons are a main element of each of the 10 art quilts which make up the series.
About Riel: Riel Nason is a New Brunswick writer and textile artist living in Quispamsis.  She has had work shown at Quilt Canada: The National Juried Show and the Carrefour EuropĂ©en du Patchwork in France.  She has been featured in The Quilt Life magazine as well as had quilts shown in The Canadian Quilter and Australian Quilters' Companion.  She maintains a popular quilting blog and has been featured on numerous quilting websites.  This is her debut solo exhibition.
I also have a Facebook page for the event here

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Halloween One Block Wonder with a Twist

Okay, I'm back!  Summer was great, but I will be SO glad when the kids go back to school next Tuesday so I can get something done again.  My daughter Tess is going in Grade 2 and my son Eli is going in Grade 4 French Immersion.  But enough about that -- now for QUILTING! 
I am making only one Halloween quilt this year. This is an idea that I've had forever and I thought trying it for a Halloween quilt would be perfect.  I am making a One Block Wonder (using the cutting method Maxine Rosenthal shows in her book) BUT instead of finding a fabric that would work, I am using a panel.  (6 of them of course actually)
Here they are.  I bought them for I believe about $2.79 US each, so definitely no more expensive than regular fabric if you know where to shop (Hint, hint: Marden's, Calais, Maine)  It is a Dan Morris "The Boo Crew" panel by RJR fabrics.  Anyhow, because it uses similar colours throughout, it is a perfect One Block Wonder candidate.  The great designs, words and frames should just add to the interest!
 I cut 4 inch triangles this time.  I did cut very carefully, fussy cutting and moving my ruler here and there to really get some well-captured elements of the design. 
 There is a ton of potential here.
And I've actually sewn a few blocks together already that I'll post next time.  It should look really cool.  So anyway -- a panel for a One Block Wonder, consider trying it!  And follow along to see how mine turns out!
Cheers!  Riel

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day! ... And Facebook for the Summer ...

 Happy Canada Day!  We had a wonderful day at our town celebrations!  That is my daughter in the picture above.  I whipped up her skirt last night using fabric I had leftover from a One Block Wonder Quilt I made last year.  The fabric is maple leaves on a pink background.
I also made her shirt below.  I painted real maple leaves with acrylic paint and imprinted them.  Super easy!
And although I'm not blogging for the summer, I will be posting on the blog's Facebook page now and then.  Click here to like the page and join if you'd like to follow along.  Cheers!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Random Railfence Quilt Blocks, Happy Summer and I'll See You in the Fall!

 Okay, here we go: 35 blocks.  12.5 inches each.  They fill my whole design wall, floor to ceiling. They aren't in any sort of arrangement yet and many aren't even pressed, but they're done!
 I'm really pleased with this and through the process of making it  I'm convinced it would make a really fun workshop.  I'm going to make another one using my Halloween scraps next. I'm going to track just how much fabric you need to make one.  Making it with a stack of a whole bunch of different fat quarters would be a good method too. The blocks go together quite quickly and it seems to give a pretty lively/interesting result without a lot of work and very little planning.
 So I'm taking my blogging break now for the summer.  The kids have been off school since last Friday.  We have lots of fun planned.  For summer quilting, I'll be finishing up the quilts for my exhibit in the Fall! (details here).  I'm getting really excited about it.  I also have a couple of new  things planned that I want to try.
So I'll see everyone back here in late August or early September!  Hope you have a great summer.
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Random Railfence Block Progress

 I had forgotten how fast and fun these are to make!

I think I have enough strips cut now to make all my blocks.
I am planning on making 30 blocks total.  That will give me enough for an arrangement of 5 blocks across and 6 down.  The quilt would finish at about 60 by 72 inches.
I am loving how cheerful and bright it's turning out.
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Scrapbuster Stashbuster Random Railfence Quilt (Again)

Back in early 2011, I made a scrap quilt that I called the Scrapbuster Random Railfence.  It was basically a strip quilt with a twist.  I came up with a super simple method to make big blocks with random fabric placement within the blocks.  The blocks could then be arranged railfence style.  It has been my most popular tutorial by far on the the blog since then.  (Tutorial is here).  It's easy, fun, and guaranteed no two quilts will turn out the same.  Plus, did I mention it eats scraps and fat quarters?  Like gobbles them down.

Anyhow, I'm starting another one.  I am often asked about doing a trunk show/lecture/workshop and although so far I've said No simply due to other commitments, it is definitely something I see in the future for me.  I think making these Random Railfence quilts would be a fun workshop.  So maybe what I'm making now just might turn out to be my class sample.  We'll see.

I'm at the strip cutting and chain piecing stage. I don't know how many different fabrics I'm using, but I'd say at least 50 different ones and maybe waaaay more.  Some are scraps, but this time I also cut several strips off many fabrics I had in my stash.

I don't often make the type of projects that can be chain-pieced so it is a nice change to just sit and sew.  I'll check in with a little progress soon, then that's it before SUMMER BREAK !!!
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Just Two Quilt Blocks

The other night was our guild pot luck dinner for the end of the year.  There was a challenge to make a 12.5 inch block with a bird on it.  The bird was to be on a beige background.  I really don't do beige backgrounds, but I did have the fabric above.  I like the little owl because he looks annoyed.  I think he's from an Alexander Henry fabric.  The "Hoot" is from a selvage.
And I made another block to go with my scrappy rainbow stars.  I also made a whole pile more HSTs to put more of these together when I get a chance. 
Summer is almost here.  The kids only have one more week of school after this one!  I always take a blogging break in the summer, but should post a few more times before then.
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